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Worshop “Materials and Topological Phases”: Lyon, October 3-4,  2016

Co-organized by the GDR Mesoscopic and Quantum Physics and the GDR MEETICC

This workshop aims to gather the communities of physicists and chemists interested in topological phases. This theme has emerged worldwide during the last decade as a major topic for both communities. On the one hand, the discovery of new compounds displaying topological properties, as well as the synthesis of compounds showing such properties, are important in condensed matter physics. On the other hand, the characterization of their various properties is at the origin of the current interest of the mesocopic quantum physics community. This meeting will also include introduction presentations aiming to highlight the interest of topological phases for the “materials” community. The objective of this meeting is therefore to highlight to generate a dynamics by fostering exchanges between the different communitites interested by topological phases. 


Monday, October 3rd
        Session « Topological insulators ». Speakers: J. Cayssol, E. Bocquillon, C. Thomas, H. Bouchiat, M. Marsi, A. Inhofer
Session « Topological semimetals». Speakers: J. Bardarson, M. Orlita, S. Tchoumakov

Tuesday, October  4th
         Session « Topology, interactions, superconductivity and magnetism ». Speakers: T. Cren, J. Meyer, P. Pujol, C. Repelin
Session « Topological materials ». Speakers: C. Felser, P. Ballet, B. Sacépé, S. Krishtopenko

⇒ Posters: grids for the posters will be available in coffee break space. You are free to bring a poster to enrich the discussions between participants (main objective of this meeting). If you bring a poster, thank you to notify us by e-mail atadresse_david_carpentier

⇒ Housing:
Beware: participants will have to register and pay their hotel by themself (not covered by organization).

Suggested hotels:

Appart City Confort, Park & Suites, Lyon Gerland

Séjours & Affaires Park Avenue

⇒ Registration (free, but mandatory). Registration closed (max number of participants reached)

Meeting location : Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, site Monod, 46 allée d’Italie, 69007 LyonHow to reach the meeting location